Teaching with Social Media

Tomorrow, I am delivering a workshop to faculty at Seminole State College on the subject of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and its Use and Impact in the College Classroom. This is a hot topic and an emerging issue is scholarship and practice. Download my presentation material.

The following are my key strategic recommendations for any faculty preparing to teach using social media:

  • žFacilitate learning through social engagement and interaction
  • žRespect privacy and encourage transparency
  • žPromote civility and reduce timidity
  • žTeach the technology and be open to learning about the technology
  • žUse the technology but do not force the technology
Be on the look out in summer 2012 for an issue of Journal of Public Affairs Education that will feature articles on teaching using social media and student empowerment. I am co-coordinating this issue with Dr. Angie Eikenberry at University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Published by Prof. dr. Thomas Bryer

Dr. Thomas Bryer is professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida, Fulbright Scholar and Specialist, Professor at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and Visiting Professor Edge Hill University (United Kingdom).

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