By The Numbers….

I’m one month away from submitting my dossier to launch the tenure and promotion process. The dossier consists of two binders of material, including a one-page summary sheet. I can’t say everything on such a summary sheet, but I can communicate the numbers, so here we go:


Research Areas: Public participation, bureaucratic responsiveness, collaborative governance

Publications and Presentations

  • Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals: 27 (12 sole-authored; 15 co-authored, 4 w/ students)
  • Book Chapters: 4 (1 sole-authored; 3 co-authored, 1 w/ student)
  • Book Reviews:  4 (4 sole-authored)
  • Invited Papers: 2 (2 sole-authored, 1 French language)
  • Other Publications & Reports: 5 (3 sole-authored; 2 co-authored, 1 w/ student)
  • Conference Presentations: 28 (3 international—Canada and Argentina)
  • Invited Presentations/Lectures: 26 (1 international–Netherlands)

Journals of Major Publications

  • Administrative Theory & Praxis
  • American Review of Public Administration (ranked #15/41 in Public Administration)
  • Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (ranked #2/41)
  • Journal of Public Affairs Education
  • Policy & Internet
  • Public Administration Review (ranked #6/41)
  • Public Performance & Management Review

Research Projects & Grants

Sponsored Research & Grants:  $481,976 (credit for $257,025);                                    Contracts Received through Center for Public and Nonprofit Management: $33,000      AmeriCorp VISTA Grant: $1,108,299 for three years (paid to 16 VISTAs)                 Proposed Grants: $497,754 (credit for $166,377)


Number of Courses Taught: (until 8/12) 27

Doctoral Courses:                                                                                                                 PAD 7026 Advanced Seminar in Public Administration—taught twice

Graduate Courses:                                                                                                                      PAD 6825 Cross-Sectoral Governance—taught seven times                                          PAD 6037 Public Organization Management—taught four times                                        PAD 6335 Strategic Planning and Management—taught twice                                         PAD 6053 Public Administrators in the Governance Process—taught three times          PAD 6072 MPA Capstone—taught once

Undergraduate Courses:                                                                                                    PAD 4104 Administrative Theory—taught five times                                                                       IDS 3180 Civic Engagement—taught three times

Chair’s Evaluation (on a scale of Outstanding, Above Satisfactory, Satisfactory, Conditional, and Unsatisfactory):

2007: Outstanding/Above Satisfactory                                                                                   2008: Outstanding/Above Satisfactory                                                                                    2009: Outstanding/Above Satisfactory                                                                                      2010: Outstanding/Above Satisfactory                                                                                      2011: Outstanding/Above Satisfactory

Students’ Evaluation on a 5-point Scale (5=excellent, 4=very good, 3=good, 2=fair, 1=poor)

(1) Below 3.0:  0 class  (2) 3.0-4.0:  0 class  (3) Above 4.0: 25 classes (awaiting eval on two classes)

Select Service at UCF

Director, Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, September 2011-Present UCF Faculty Senate, May 2011-Present                                                                                         Faculty Senate Steering Committee, August 2012-Present                                              University Graduate Appeals Committee, August 2011-August 2012                                              College of Health and Public Affairs Research Council, September 2011-Present           Faculty Advisor, Masters in Public Administration Student Association and Organization for Public Administration (2008-Present)                                                                             Chair, College of Health and Public Affairs Faculty Council, 2010-2011                                8 Ph.D. dissertation committees (1 as co-chair)


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, University of Central Florida, 2012                     Teaching Incentive Program, University of Central Florida, 2012                                  Research Excellence Award, College of Health and Public Affairs at UCF, 2012 Excellence in Professional Service Award, College of Health and Public Affairs at UCF, 2012                                                                                                                                  Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology—23rd Intl Conf. on College Teaching & Learning, 2012                                                                                           Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, College of Health and Public Affairs at UCF, 2011                   Best Practice Award for Online Teaching, UCF Course Development and Web Services, 2008                                                                                                                                      Teaching Case and Simulation Competition in Collaborative Public Management, Collaborative Governance, and Collaborative Problem Solving, Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts, Maxwell School of Syracuse University—Hon. Mention 2008; 1st Prize 2007

Published by Prof. dr. Thomas Bryer

Dr. Thomas Bryer is professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida, Fulbright Scholar and Specialist, Professor at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and Visiting Professor Edge Hill University (United Kingdom).

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