2012 Experiences; 2013 Anticipations

Here we go, countdown of 2012 top experiences and 2013 anticipations. Many of the experiences and anticipations are good things; some I would probably preferred to not have happened, but there is life experience from all of it. You will see even in the negative, I found some opportunity to create a positive outcome.


2012 Experience

2013 Anticipation

Tenure and promotion

Received four terrific external review letters from colleagues I deeply admire, followed by unanimous votes from my school and college committees

Granted tenure with unanimous votes (hopefully!) at the university level and from the provost


Presented at an international seminar in Amsterdam, with invitation from a French think tank

Tentative invitation to present at a seminar in Paris, and then a week long study abroad to South Korea in the fall


Received the Research Excellence award from my college, Teaching Incentive Program award, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning award, and Innovative Excellence for Teaching and Learning award

Hope to receive the Research Incentive award to complete my hat trick of research, teaching, and service


Completed a course and home study to adopt from the public system, meaning a child or children whose parents have lost their parental rights due to abuse and/or neglect

Hope to be matched with a  child or children, growing my family


After my wife’s 2005 purchased Maryland house was foreclosed in 2011, we negotiated settlement with 1 of 2 lenders, and I published an article in Public Integrity about the ethics of housing crisis recovery policies and programs

Maybe will settle the second (we tried with a good faith offer in 2012), but if not, it sits for some uncertain future, and maybe I publish or craft something more than a single article on the subject


Enjoyed five years of marriage

Will enjoy a sixth year of marriage


Have genuinely enjoyed evolving the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, creating an AmeriCorp VISTA program at the Center, and securing a contract to promote walking to school for elementary school kids. This year, I also entertained a job opportunity elsewhere outside of academia, but I consider myself fortunate to still be where I am

Looking forward to another extraordinary year at UCF, at the helm of the Center, and growing the Center in bold and ambitious ways


Submitted book prospectus to publisher (okay, my deadline is December 31)

Book accepted for publication and writing completed leading to hopefully an anticipation for 2014


Had my first surgery as an adult, an experience that led to an emerging partnership with my surgeon across disciplines of medicine and nonprofit management

No surgeries… hopefully

Good Health

Bought a bike, and learned my neighborhood has too many loose dogs for enjoyable riding

Will drive to ride


I’m sure to be forgetting something

Who knows what will happen

Published by Prof. dr. Thomas Bryer

Dr. Thomas Bryer is professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida, Fulbright Scholar and Specialist, Professor at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and Visiting Professor Edge Hill University (United Kingdom).

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