A Story of a Government Shutdown: Using Seventh Grade Spelling Words

Later this week, I am going into my son’s 6-9 grade class to discuss all that is happening in Washington, DC with the federal government. Combined with my son’s seventh grade spelling list for the week, I have constructed a story. Is there a broader lesson here about seventh grade academics and the antics inContinue reading “A Story of a Government Shutdown: Using Seventh Grade Spelling Words”

Ten Thoughts on Civic Engagement for Governments

As I sit at the ICMA conference, in the audience for a civic engagement session for the ICMA Center for Management Strategies, where the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management is now a service provider, I reflect on ten tips for governments in their civic engagement efforts.  1. If you are going to open upContinue reading “Ten Thoughts on Civic Engagement for Governments”

Together for Tomorrow: An Assessment of Partnership Formation

In spring 2013, students in PAD 6825 (Cross-Sector Governance) completed a service learning porject to evaluate the parntership formation in five Together for Tomorrow cities. They conducted telephone interviews with lead agencies in each city, VISTA members, school officials, and community partners to ascertain the processes employed to develop partnerships and utilize AmeriCorps VISTA resources.Continue reading “Together for Tomorrow: An Assessment of Partnership Formation”

Fighting Poverty with a Passion and a University Partner

With pressures to both develop skills necessary for an emerging job market and to develop strong, active, and ethical citizens, higher education institutions are facing a period reform. This article presents a case study of an academic center that strives, as part of its mission, to cultivate civically healthy communities through strategic university-community partnerships. Specifically,Continue reading “Fighting Poverty with a Passion and a University Partner”

Beyond Job Creation and Service Learning: Putting the Public Back in Public Affairs Education

I am happy to share an article that is forthcoming in Journal of Public Affairs Education. This also serves as the foundation for a larger book project. I welcome your thoughts. Download the article here. Below is an excerpt and one of the descriptive figures that form the core of the argument. The aim in thisContinue reading “Beyond Job Creation and Service Learning: Putting the Public Back in Public Affairs Education”

Be a Servant to the People

The United States of America is not a country in which we strive to find bold, creative ways to not help our citizens, to encourage neighbor to help neighbor, or to prevent our citizens from falling into complete social or economic isolation. At least that should be the description of the United States. Our political rhetoricContinue reading “Be a Servant to the People”