Urging Caution on STEM and Affirming Citizenship as a Core Value of Higher Education

Today, March 28, 2013, the University of Central Florida Faculty Senate passed a resolution “urging caution in the implementation of STEM initiatives” and affirming the value of citizenship for higher education. The resolution was drafted in a collaborative process, and I am very proud that this is the final resolution passed by the senate atContinue reading “Urging Caution on STEM and Affirming Citizenship as a Core Value of Higher Education”

Fragmentation in Social Services: An Interactive Exercise

Gaining access to an array of social services needed to regain self-sufficiency can be challenging, depending on where the individual or family in need of service initiates their search. Presenting a request for goods or services at a small faith-based organization, food bank, or job training center may result in a very different set ofContinue reading “Fragmentation in Social Services: An Interactive Exercise”

Good Intentions and Disparities

Last year I published an article in Public Integrity about the ethics of policy responses to the housing crisis and attempts to recover. I drew on my own experiences as a context-setting device. Read about the article here. Since writing that article in 2011 (published in 2012), more activity has occurred, which has continued to shed lightContinue reading “Good Intentions and Disparities”

2012 Experiences; 2013 Anticipations

Here we go, countdown of 2012 top experiences and 2013 anticipations. Many of the experiences and anticipations are good things; some I would probably preferred to not have happened, but there is life experience from all of it. You will see even in the negative, I found some opportunity to create a positive outcome. TopicContinue reading “2012 Experiences; 2013 Anticipations”

When Was the Last Time You Took Your School Bus for a Walk?

The Center for Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Central Florida signed a contract this week with the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) to manage and evaluate a program called Walking School Bus. This program will work with schools, parents, community volunteers, and elementary school kids within the 9-county DOT district to setup safe walking routesContinue reading “When Was the Last Time You Took Your School Bus for a Walk?”

Fatherhood Forum: Collaboration

Last week the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management at UCF welcomed the US Administration for Children and Families and approximately 100 people representing local government, nonprofit, faith-based, and private organizations to the university. They convened a forum on strengthening fatherhood and families. I had the privilege not only to welcome them to the university but toContinue reading “Fatherhood Forum: Collaboration”