Center for Public and Nonprofit Management Annual Report

In September 2011, I stepped up as the second director of the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Central Florida. We have just released the first annual report under my tenure. Read about the diversity of grants and contracts received, innovative approaches to help solve community problems, and associated faculty andContinue reading “Center for Public and Nonprofit Management Annual Report”

By The Numbers….

I’m one month away from submitting my dossier to launch the tenure and promotion process. The dossier consists of two binders of material, including a one-page summary sheet. I can’t say everything on such a summary sheet, but I can communicate the numbers, so here we go: Research Research Areas: Public participation, bureaucratic responsiveness, collaborativeContinue reading “By The Numbers….”

A Model for Public Participation Using Social Media

In a couple of months, I will participate in an international seminar in Amsterdam, discussing the “Building of a Shared City” through public participation. The focus is on public participation in urban infrastructure projects. Read my preliminary remarks on the subject of how social media tools can be used to this end. Download here. Though IContinue reading “A Model for Public Participation Using Social Media”

Building the Shared City: How Can We Engage Citizens

I have been invited to participate in a seminar of The City Factory ( this August in Amsterdam. The theme for the seminar is: “Building the shared city: how can we engage citizens?” The seminars are described as: “Every year, The City Factory organizes a seminar on a specific theme that brings together some sixtyContinue reading “Building the Shared City: How Can We Engage Citizens”

Building Sustainable Cross-Sector Networks

In about ten hours from time of this writing, I will be giving a presentation to the Orange County, Florida Children’s Leadership Alliance. This is a body of government, nonprofit, faith-based, and private sector leaders who are working together to secure a brighter future for children in the county. Their meeting is devoted to pursuitContinue reading “Building Sustainable Cross-Sector Networks”

Democracy in Florida and Innovation in San Diego

While the nation’s eyes are focused on Republican presidential politics and on the important social and criminal justice issues surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, there have been many important public and nonprofit initiatives advanced to help strengthen our communities, to achieve greater justice and fairness, and promote more opportunities for individuals and families. There areContinue reading “Democracy in Florida and Innovation in San Diego”

Democracy Weeks (Part 2): The La Verne Series

From February 4-8, I will be in California at the University of La Verne to deliver a set of lectures to masters students, doctoral students, and faculty on the subjects of doing civic engagement, researching civic engagement, and teaching civic engagement, respectively. My prepared remarks to the masters students focus on both the values ofContinue reading “Democracy Weeks (Part 2): The La Verne Series”

Democracy Weeks: Lectures, Presentations, and Publications

Last week, this week, and next week are for 2012 renamed collectively Democracy Weeks. I kicked off the theme on Thursday night last week with a guest lecture to a graduate class on the subject of “Democracy and Philanthropy.” In this lecture I challenged students to, first, think about the meaning of “procedural democracy,” “substantiveContinue reading “Democracy Weeks: Lectures, Presentations, and Publications”

Top 5 Coolest Moments in my Tenure Track Career (as a I begin the tenure and promotion process)

In 2012, I will be submitting my Tenure and Promotion portfolio. Though I won’t receive final  word on my tenure and promotion until May 2013, I will begin moving through the process in February/March 2012. The process begins with the identification of external reviewers, or tenured scholars in my discipline, who will read the fileContinue reading “Top 5 Coolest Moments in my Tenure Track Career (as a I begin the tenure and promotion process)”